I recently have had some problems with my wireless card and the suspend mode. It seems that, sometimes, after waking up  the sleeped laptop, the network doesn't want to work anymore. It conects to my WiFi network without problems, I start getting ping to, let's say, tuenti.es and after a while (15 seconds) I loose the conection (no ping, no internet, no anything). If I wait a little more I start receiving this message on the console:

ping: sendmsg: No buffer space available

The problem could be solved by rebooting the computer, but I like to have a lot of uptime on my laptop and I cannot throw away 10 days of uptime on my machine just for a little problem of connectivity ;) So I have searched for a solution and it's called  ndiswrapper.  If you install the package and load the module, problem solved:

$ sudo aptitude install ndiswrapper-utils-1.9

$ modproble ndiswrapper

$ ndiswrapper -m

And this fixes the bug.