The 4chan Downloader has evolved to 4chan Downloader V2.0!!!!!

Well, after a few ~~faps~~ tests with 4chan Downloader 1.0 (4chanV1 from now on), I thought: "it's  OK. But just OK". The script downloads random images (from /b/) to your computer. That's nice, but would be better if we were able to download single threads or all the threads of a section. This script is dedicated to @mimetist because he expressed the need of improve the first script into somthing more poweful.

You can download the source code of both scripts in The code of the last script is in released under GPL3.

The usage of the script is very simple (and ugly, it's the first things I have in my todo list). Just go to the last line of the script


And change "h" for the name for one 4chan's categories  like main("s") or main("hc") or main("gif").  The script will scan the 15 pages of this category looking for the threads. Then, for each thread the script will create a directory in "./imgs/thread_{number_of_thread}" and will start to download ALL the images in the thread. Note that you can end up with tons of tons of ~~porn~~ images.

I don't have time now (I'll be away a few days), but try the script, report issues and... happy fapping.

BTW, I have a large list of TODO stuff. I'll improve the script in a few days like adding CLI support, a more useful user interface and other cool stuff. Stay tuned,

Take care!