Because of the new prices of S3 (60% less) I decided to have my backups not just in a hard drive but on the cloud.

The backup solution should be:

  • Simple to setup and do the recover
  • Be able to do differential backups
  • Be able to do the backups to both the cloud and a HD
  • Be able to encrypt the data

The last point is because I don't trust my personal data to anybody. My laptop is encrypted, the backups to the HDD are encrypted too. Why on earth I would like to expose my data to a third party without having it encrypted. Nah. I did a lot of research (just kidding, I googled for about 5 minutes) until I came across with Duplicity, that was exactly what I wanted.

Duplicity + duply is a backup solution that I really liked. You can save your backups to different places such as HDD, VPS, S3, via FTP, etc... And use symmetric or asymmetric cryptography. I'm not going to explain all the benefits that Duplicity have and how to install because everything is wonderfully explained at this article. The prices of S3 are now of 0.03$ (3 cents) per GB per month; that's about 0.75$ per 25GB backup, or 0.60€. For this price I'll do a full backup of all my FS and this way I'm sure I'm not going to loose anything important. The only problem? The first upload. I have a fairly decent amount of bandwidth at home (100/10Mbps) but the first full backup will take about 7 hours to complete. I don't really know how much it will take every differential upload but I'll create a new post after a few months of using it.

Stay tuned.