1. coreOS

    I've been playing with Docker a little bit; as you know its the hype of the moment, and is getting some traction. Its one of this projects I would like to see surviving its hype, because the concepts behind it are really good. Is AnotherWayOfSeeingThings(tm); you containerize EVERYTHING on your stack, with the benefit that you can very easily distribute your application in different hosts without almost any extra overhead. It reminds me to the Erlang programming language, where all its processes (also called actors) can be spawned ...

  2. systemd

    You may or may not know that all the Linux operating systems will switch to systemd as init system.

    When I saw the project at first it kinda broke the me schema of seeing things and I didn't really like the idea to switching to something new. Of course it was something completely irrational; first of all, a lot of distributions and people have been involved in the process of switching what will be the new standard of init system. The main players were systemd, SysVinit and upstart. After ...

  3. Trello daily reports

    In the company I'm currently working we use Trello for managing the task of the programming team. Basically everybody has its own board and there are two extra boards: 'pending' and 'done'. Usually you have your list of things to be done in your list and the inputs are your bosses, clients calling or emailing you with some issues, etc. If the problem is something generic that everybody can do, you just put it on 'pending'. If there is just one person who can do the job, we assign ...

  4. New job

    I have a new job. As always, I've done absolutely nothing to get it; a friend of mine is working at a company that needed to fill vacant. I'm always open to do job interviews so I went there. 4 days later I'm in a office really looking forward to give new ideas and learn new stuff. I love this feeling.

    The job is not sysadmin anymore but programming (webpages for hotels - we have quite a few here in Mallorca). Small team, nice people, awesome working hours ...

  5. Focus

    Its awesome to see how much can be done when you are focused on something. From programming, to writing an essay or reading technical information, its way easy and you retain more information and get more job done just by having focus.

    Get rid of distractions

    Sometimes, though, is really difficult to get into the zone. Usually because the constant distractions, trying to do many things at once, constant interruptions, having unclear propose, etc. So, how do I get focused? First of all, by reducing interruptions at all cost. The ...

  6. Disable youtube annotations

    I think is very annoying this thing called Annotations in Youtube. It gets in the middle of the content, the video, appears and disappears, if you want to pause the video by clicking on it and you click on a annotation, the video changes, etc... and usually it does not contain anything useful, to be honest.

    A way to deactivate this option go to the URL: https://www.youtube.com/account_playback and disable the checkbox " Show annotations, channel promotions and interactive cards on videos " as easy as that.


  7. Micro-projects

    After some holidays almost disconnected from the computer I come back with a lot of energy.

    I want to start micro-projects projects; it will take in between one to five days each one and can be related to everything I feel like doing.

    Right now I have a few of them in mind:

    • Create a web page with information related to regular expressions. How they work, how to use them, show some good examples, etc...
    • Create a web crawler that will gather stats of 4chan threads such as outgoing links ...

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