1. From MyISAM to InnoDB

    tl;dr Always use InnoDB

    MyISAM is a MySQL storage engine. I remember my first days when using MySQL that I didn't know what to choose, if MyISAM or InnoDB. If you searched on forums and alike you probably found comparsions between the two storage engine talking about performance, consistency, transactions, etc... What they didn't tell you is that InnoDB for almost all the use cases is the right choice.

    Some of the limitations of MyISAM is that it does not support foreign keys. The funny thing, though ...

  2. The Pragmatic Programmer - 3 - Basic Tools

    Awesome chapter. Really enjoyed it. It talks about the tools you use on daily basis and how important they are. We are craftsman. The tools we use for developing must be an extension of our body; fully personalized/configured with the exact setup that works for you. We need to use tools for very different jobs, and they must be the very best options out there; and for the sake of productivity we must master them.

    Plain text

    Is a human friendly representation of knowledge, easy to manipulate, share, track ...

  3. The Pragmatic Programmer - 2 - A pragmatic Approach

    The second chapter of the book is about the Pragmatic Approach. Here is a small sumary of its points:

    Duplication is bad

    Really bad. Use the DRY principle. The duplication can come in diferent flavours:

    IMPOSED DUPLICATION. It seems you have no choice; YOU HAVE. If you feel like you don't probably need a to review the design of your application. You can have multiple representations of the data like documentation:

    Programmers are taught to comment their code: good code has lots of
    comments. Unfortunately, they are never taught ...

  4. The Pragmatic Programmer

    The Pragmatic Programmer is a book a friend of mine (LB) let me know about 4 years ago. He taught me almost everything I know about programming and he strongly recommend me to read the book, thing that I did. At that time, though, I didn't know almost anything about... nothing (as if I knew what I'm doing now ¬¬). I learned some ideas that I've been using since then, but at the time I didn't fully understand most of the concepts of the book. LB told ...

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