1. RaspCTL debian repository and new webpage!!!

    I'm glad to anounce that, after a week an a half of hard work, I have a debian repository up and running with a single debian package ready to install: the RaspCTL project, for your Raspberry Pi.

    I realized that the project was not easy to install by the people who is starting in the GNU/Linux world, and creating a debian file and repository is something that I wanted to do some time ago. Now install RaspCTL is easy as pee.

    And we have a beautiful webpage for ...

  2. Setuid and shell scripts, explained

    I'm a human being. And sometimes I believe I understand something. And I don't. That's the case of the setuid bit. I've read dozens of times how it works, but I didn't fully understand it until today.

    The definition of the setuid bits is pretty straightforward: setuid and setgid (short for "set user ID upon execution" and "set group ID upon execution", respectively) are Unix access rights flags that allow users to run an executable with the permissions of the executable ...

  3. Locking yourself in a cryptographic implementation

    Today I've spend a few hours trying to finding out a good system for storing my passwords and sensible information securely. Of course all the strong passwords are only in my mind, but I have a lot users/passwords of non important pages that I cannot remember. Until today I were storing all this sensible information in a file. Plaint text. And that's a bad idea. Reeeeeally bad idea.

    After doing some tests I've come up with something I don't like it at all. If you ...

  4. Crucial SSD read-only problem (spoiler: firmware upgade) [fixed]

    Note: You can jump to [Fixing the problem] directly and skip the hole stoy if you want.


    Two days ago I started my computer as usual and after an hour or so I tried to open Chromium web broser and nothing happened. Then I tried to open a console and it opened normally but when I typed "tailf /var/log/syslog" a Input/Output Error was displayed and nothing else happened. Typed "ls" and it worked. Typed "touch foo", I got an error saying that the hard drive was ...

  5. Wifi problem: No buffer space available (ping error)

    I recently have had some problems with my wireless card and the suspend mode. It seems that, sometimes, after waking up  the sleeped laptop, the network doesn't want to work anymore. It conects to my WiFi network without problems, I start getting ping to, let's say, tuenti.es and after a while (15 seconds) I loose the conection (no ping, no internet, no anything). If I wait a little more I start receiving this message on the console:

    ping: sendmsg: No buffer space available

    The problem could be ...

  6. Honest review of Santrex Virtual Private Server (2): Support tickets

    I told you, Santrex. I was just an unhappy customer. Then you just ignored me and I become an angry customer. And this post is the result. This are just the mails to support I've sent to you.

    I'm not pointing to Santrex, as others, saying they are scammers. I don't think so. I think they in a thin line: in one side of the line we have scammers and in the other side we have a very unprofessional company that tries to make money with a ...

  7. "Free" internet in Balearia boats

    I'm on a boat. From Alcudia to Barcelona. 5 hours of doing:  nothing............................. without Internet.

    I'm gonna die.

    But its a good oportunity for play a little bit with the computer. If I connect to the WiFi of the boat and load the web browser I see something like this:

    Jumm... I don't have credentials and I don't want to pay. I run NMap and I don't see anything special. But I'm asking to mayself something: How I will make the payment, if I ...

  8. Santrex starter VPS review after 5 months

    After 5 months (from 11/05/2012 to 25/10/2012) I want to say: I'm not happy with Santrex VPS.

    I've already posted other information about Santrex VPS befeore. I had the "Starter Linux Germany OpenVZ", costing 10.8$ each month, with a public IP (, and a monthly billing cycle.

    I'm not happy with them for various reasons, but basically the problem has been the downtime:

    • Few months after purchase the VPS I started with the downtime problems. First, my VPS was ...

  9. TCP TIME_WAIT and Ephemeral ports: bad friends

    I want to explain what is the TIME_WAIT state, and why we can have problems with the ephemeral ports.


    We know that the TCP sockets (layer 4 on the OSI stack) have different states.We have 12 different states: ESTABLISHED, SYN_SENT, SYN_RECV, FIN_WAIT1, FIN_WAIT2, TIME_WAIT, CLOSE, CLOSE_WAIT, LAST_ACK, LISTEN, CLOSING, UNKOWN. ( See it in man netstat and see the "State" section).

    These states are used in differents stages of the connection. Let's see an example: TCP establishes new connections with a three way handshake. When the host Alice ...

  10. PAM. Adjusting timeout in invalid logins nodelay + faildelay

    One year ago I tried to adjust the delay that I have to wait if I introduce a bad password when executing "sudo echo 1".

    Usually you have to wait 2 seconds for being able to introduce the password again and this is too much for me. You can configure the PAM and set a parameter that is called NODELAY, that means exactly that: you wont have to wait any delay if you make a typo while writing your password. The problem? That if you are trying to make login ...

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