It has been a while since the last time I published something in the blog.

I've done a few changes in my life. First of all and the more important one is that I'm living in Mallorca again. Home, sweet home. I went to Barcelona about two years ago and I've really enjoyed the experience, but I must admit that I'm more of a country guy.

I've been living with my family and I have my closest friends living in Barcelona so it kinda feeled like being home. At the same time in the city you are just a shadow. One more. Nobody cares about you (they are polite, of course, but nothing else). I'm more used to greet all the people in my village were you know almost everybody. Thats the way I like it.

I'm planning to live in Mallorca for a while. A year at most, and then move to the UK or Ireland and work there some years. I'm really looking forward to have the experience of living in a foreign country, with people of another culture, language, etc. At the same time in UK/Ireland there are a lot of job oportuninites and I do belive that I can do a good job there.

In another field I've quitted my job at CAPSiDE. I've learnt a lot in the last year about system administration, AWS, dealing with customers and how things work in a mid-size company that is growing and closing deals with big companies. The job there was intense and very professional. I've really enjoyed my time there, but now I have to move on in my professional career and I'm looking forward to accept new challenges.

As you may know, I've always liked both programming and system administration. Right now I have had the amazing luck of working in two companies with highly skilled employees that teached me all I know. First at eConcept and then at CAPSiDE. Working in both fields, I think programming is the one I like the most and what I want to do in the future.

Now I'm on holidays. Mallorca is the best place on earth for spending your holidays with friends, at the beach, with beer and little things to do :D It is paradise. Belive me.

So, what's next? First of all enjoy my holidays, and after that I hope I'll have some time to write some posts, and start a few personal projects that I have in mind and keep learning, as always.