Yesterday I changed the configuration file of mocp for better.

I wanted to configure the Fastdir's for being able to access more quickly to my music just by pressing the numbers "1" or "2"  and changing the current directory. I edited the file .moc/config and added:

MusicDir = /home/${USER}/music  
Fastdir1 = ${MusicDir}  
Fastdir2 = ${MusicDir}/../Downloads/1574139046/othr  
ExecCommand4 = "rm %f"

Keymap = my_keymap

Then I created a file called "my_keymap" in .moc/ directory that looks like that:

go_to_fast_dir1 =    1  
go_to_fast_dir2 =    2

What we have done? Well, we have defined the MusicDir (maybe there was not need to use $USER really). Just with this configuration you can jump to this directory when you are in moc just by pressing "m". Then I have defined FastDir1 and FastDir2 paths, the first to the MusicDir itself and the other one to the place where downloaded music ends up.

The Keymap line is important since I don't want to use the characetrs "!" and "@" for accessing to the FastDirs so I've just defined my own shortcurts. Now pressing "1" and "2" I will jump to my music directories.

As you can see there is an extra line, ExecCommand4. That's something I came across and it's very usful. It means that if you press F4 you will be deleting the selected file. Be careful because no confirmation is required! ( you could change the command by "rm -i %f" if you want rm to ask for confirmation every time you want to delete a file).