I bought a brand new PC. You know, i5 processor, 1TB HDD, 8GiB of RAM, a Nvidia GT630 and a Acer screen of 22'. I have been working with my Lenovo laptop for about two and a half years in a screen of 12.5'. The difference is HUGE. I bought a BG Venom mouse, too. Is is awesome. Up to 2400 dpi, ergonomic, it rocks. And it has some fun green lights on the front and back super bad-ass.

The problem is that when I switch off my computer, the green LEDs of the mouse are still on! Oh com'on! I like to sleep at night and with all the walls in green as  if I were in a biochemical lab.... is not the best way of having good dreams.

I've read a lot of forums about how to disable the USB power when the computer is off. And it seemed that the solution was to unplug you PC every night from the electric power. ¬¬'

Not happy with that, and having the confidence that a guys that have made a motherboard capable of supporting a processor, memory, SATA3 devices will have though about the remote possibility that somebody may need to turn off the USB power when the PC is off.

And the option is called ErP. ErP is a low power setting, using the minimum amount of energy when the computer is off. This setting is under the Power management tab of the UEFI.

And basically, this is is. If you want to:

  • Charge your devices using USB when you computer is off use ErP=Disabled
  • Disable the power on USB ports when the computer is off use ErP=Enable

Extra bonus point. If you ENABLE the ErP setting in your UEFI, the power supply will stop making a sharp noise (unnoticeable during the day, though, but annoying at night) because it'll be using just the minimum amount of energy. That's cool, too.

Take care!