Facebook, you cannot ask me now and then "complete your profile" information if the first time I've opted out! In what university did you studied? In what location do you live? Where did you born? What are you sentimental status?

If somebody in the real life ask me this questions I would thought that he/she is spying me. Facebook, you are a SOCIAL NETWORK and I to use you for being able to communicate with my peers, not to have a detailed profile of who I am and how find me at 7 o'clock in in the evening on Tuesdays.

The scary thing is that you ALREADY know the information you are asking me, because you make me recommendations based on my friends and you KNOW where I've studied. But if I don't confirm in the university I've studied you cannot make me recommendations about the local bars near to it and ask me for a like. Or if you don't know my sentimental status, you cannot send me ads about Meeting.

The thing is that if I submit the information you are requesting and I "complete my profile", what you are going to do next? Spam me with groups I should like? I don't want that. Give me suggestions of the friends I should know? I already have added the closest friends, if I want to add somebody else I'll search him. Do targeted advertisement and be able to justify to your shareholders that you are sending ads that only interests me? I use AdBlock, for God sake and a normal Internet citizen!

I'll say it again, you Facebook, I'm not interested in completing my profile en FB and I'll ALWAYS opt-out. Stop asking me!