You know I'm enthusiastic about new things (for good or bad!) but in this case I'm really surprised with the guys of FastMail! They are just mind blowing. I never thought I would be paying for email accounts but that was before knowing about FastMail.

You know I'm moving away Google services. Not  because they are turning their back against Open Source, or because is a super-big company than know more or less everything about me, but to reduce the power they have on me. I'm the one who thinks that you must use different companies for the different services you use because the other way you create a big dependency to the NameBigCompany and you are not able, later on, to switch to other company as easily as you would like. I'm not talking just for Google but for any company.

I changed Google Reader to Netvibes two years ago and I'm really happy with that change. I created a new Wordpress blog self hosted instead of using Blogstop, really happy with this change (but I'm going to try another blogging plataform instead of wordpress, though. Maybe an static content generator will sufice). And now it was the time for making the most paintful change: the mail.

Moving from gmail to... well, what are really the options out there? :/

In a thread of Hacker News I read about FastMail and I decided to try the service. And is MIND BLOWING! Just awesome. I have a paying (well, not really, I'm in the two-months-create-dependency-of-the-service free period) Enhanced account and in about three hours I had configured my four domains. Easy peasy. The UI is beautiful and more important: fast as hell! I was able to import all the mails from one of my old accounts without problems. The way you organize everything is really good and the options you have in the menus are endless!

And, of course, is a payed service. But let's take a look of what you get for you money (Enhanced):

  • Price: 40$/year -> 3.34$/month (31€/year -> 2.58€/month).
  • Access: POP3, IMAP, WAP, SMTP
  • Features: spam stuff, forwarding, use your own domain...
  • Domains: 50 domains with 500 domain aliases (aka accounts)
  • Storage: 10 GB with a 4K mails/day and 2GB/day quota. Let's be clear, 10GB of email inbox is A LOT of mail!

Extra points: everything is well documented, the things you can customize are endless (but in a very simple way) and you have a two-month free trial that comes very handy if you want to try out the service.

I've read a post of somebody that recently tested the FastMail with a "Free account" and he was complaining about the per-day mail limit. If you are about to contract a new service, try to use the free trial of the ACCOUNT/SERVICE you would be able to afford or you are willing to use. Don't go for the "always free" account and test the service and, then, complain about the technical service, the quotas, etc... Anyway. In my short experience I fully recommend you the service and, like prgmr, I'll post again about FastMail in the future for have you up to date.

tl;dr FastMail gives you a good service, easy to configure and with a free trial that is worth trying