Hi fellas. This is my first post in this blog, but not my first post at all. I've been blogging more or less 3 years in inedit00 blogspot blog, a Spanish blog about computers, system administration, bash, Linux in general, security, etc. In this tree years I've writed 126 entries (wow, 2 more and it will be 2^7 entries) and I'm satisfied with what I've achieved.

That blog for me was like a diary, where I post the things I found interesting, and without the expectations of becoming a popular site. Some of the post I've wried have been useful for some people, and I'm happy with that.

And now I'm starting this new blog where I'll publish the same type of content. "Why", you must be wondering.

Simple. I want to write in English. And if the best way of learning a new programming language is writing a complex application, why not do the same but with English language and write posts in a tech blog?

My English sucks. A lot. And as a future computer engineer, I need it. So, I'll write about the exact same things that I was writing in my previous blog, but in English. I'm doing my best for improve my English. It's not easy. I'll make a lot of mistakes and I'm sorry about that, reader. Be patient. Correct me if you want to.

As I've said this is not more than a public personal diary. Without more expectations that write the stuff I think it's interesting/fun.

And that's all. I hope you find interesting stuff in here.