I told you, Santrex. I was just an unhappy customer. Then you just ignored me and I become an angry customer. And this post is the result. This are just the mails to support I've sent to you.

I'm not pointing to Santrex, as others, saying they are scammers. I don't think so. I think they in a thin line: in one side of the line we have scammers and in the other side we have a very unprofessional company that tries to make money with a very doubtful but legal way. If you read the Terms of Service you will now what I mean. I'm writing this post for this reasons:

1.Because I want to give objective information, the tickets sent to support, to anyone who want to read it. 2.Warn people that, IMHO, this company is not one of the best one out there. 3.Because my VPS stop working 26 of september 2012 and today, 20 of october of 2012, they haven't fixed it yet. 25 days of downtime. And I don't like to be cheated. 4.I feel I'm doing something good for the comunity. If I try something new and exiting, I'll publish it in my blog. If I try something that I don't like, I'll publish it here. These are just my thoughts and you should search on the internet more opinions about Santrex.

I've added comments in red color starting with "#". The bolds and red colors appearing in the tickets have been added to give emphasis to some part of the mails I think are important.

Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email for more references, explanations or doubts.

Take care!

Note: Maybe you can be interested in reading this post.


Me || Client  08/06/2012 09:57

Hi. Today is the THIRD time in the last two days that I find my VPS down ( By "down" I mean no HTTP, no SSH and no ping. The control panel says that the status is "Online", but obviusly is not. Can you, please, check what's wrong with it?

Yesterday I rebooted the machine twice (after noticing that the VPS was down) and after the reboot everything worked fine. If you please can check if everything is OK now the machine is down and I havent rebooted it (maybe this way you will be able to check something more easyly). If you want to try an agressive solution that can end up with the lost of data, please let me now I'll reboot the machine (and hopefully I will have access again) and will back up everything.

Thanks you very much. I'm waiting for an answer.

Staff || Me   08/06/2012 12:11

Hello, I've rebooted your VPS & now its working fine.  # Umm... yep. This is exactly what I've told you I have done and without success... thanks, I guess. What your running on that VPS ? Kind Regards - Marshall Green

Me || Client  09/06/2012 18:57

Well, we have the same problem here. The machine died again three or four times. After rebooting it it works fine again during half an hour and then dies again. By "die" i mean no network access.  # I told you that rebooting was not enough

I've tried the follow:

  • Check the system logs. Nothing there. Everything OK.
  • Restore the "stack size" to the default value 8192 instead of 1024 (memory optimization in OpenVZ machines) and reboot the machine. Any improvement. The machine still dies after half an hour.
  • Update Debian/Stable to the latest version (just in case). Nothing, any improvement.
  • STOP all the services (cherokee+mysql) because I wanted to be surte that it wasn't a problem generated by one of my configurations. Nothing. The machine dies after some time, even without any service actually running there.

I've noticed that the PING has changed in the last week or so from 20ms to 60ms.

I have another VPS to other hostings with the same configuration and everything it's OK. Can you, please, check that the machine is OK?


Marshall Green || Staff 09/06/2012 20:32


Okay sure will get a tech to check it deeper. so kindly let us know if you have any more issues.   # And they didn't say anything else


Me || Client  11/07/2012 13:53

I don't know why, but you are charging me twice for the service I've contracted (Starter Linux Germany) Facts:

  • Day 7 jun 2012 you charged me 10.80$ for the invoice 180???.
  • Day 11 jun 2012 you charged me AGAIN 10.80$ for the same invoice (180???). Why?

And it happened again this month. Facts:

  • Day 7 jul 2012 you charged me 10.80$ for the invoice 185??? and the 11 jun 2012 you charged me AGAIN for the same bill.

What's going on in here? I wan an refund of 21.60$ as soon as possible and a explanation of what has happened here.

<<<< Blazej Baranski || Staff 11/07/2012 14:56


Please check if you do not have automatic subscription enabled via Paypal. All overpayments have already been added to your credit balance# I asked you for a refund, didn't I? I don't want anything added to my credit balance. That's why I pay monthly, because I want to be able to change to one company to other if I want to.


Me || Client   08/10/2012 14:40

Hi there.

I have a VPS with you because I need a host up and running connected to the Internet 24/7. I don't need a huge server and I don't have a lot of money to spend on it. I found your product to be exactly what I was looking for and I can understand minor downtimes, due networks problems and even a disk faliure and I don't have problem with that (as far as the problem is resolved in, let's say, two or three days). But in two months I have had more than two weeks of downtime.

Maybe I'm unlucky and you have had major problems with the datacenter where my VPS is hosted. I don't know. And I don't care.

I'm sad to anounce that I don't want to be a Santrex client any more. The problem here is that you billed me twice every month for about two months, and I have $10.80 USD in my Santrex credit balance. And I want this money back for obvious reasons.

Thank you very much for you understanding.

<<<< Ali Cook || Staff 08/10/2012 18:48


We're aware of the issue with that particular server, kindly check https://clients.santrex.net/serverstatus.php?view=open  # Basically you are saying to me: Wait until we fix the problem and then we will talk. What about not being client of Santrex? They don't care. What about having my money back. They don't care.

That's where we keep updates on our work, upgrades and ongoing maintenance.

and AFTER you issue is resolved you can contact our billing department to receive a proper compensation by providing this as a reference ticket.

At the moment we're doing our best to restore the access to that server.

Me || Client 08/10/2012 19:04

Thanks for the answer, but is seems you are trying to avoid my request all the time:


It's very interesting the offer to improve my VPS with new disks, connectivity, RAID10, etc.. but I'm NOT interested in any of this, but to be able to retrieve the money that is locked under my credit balance in my Santrex account (exactly $10.80 USD). Today I've contracted another VPS service of other company, and I'm not interested in be a Santrex client any more. I DON'T ask a compesation for the downtime. I DON'T want new offers (thanks for that, by the way) I JUST WANT my money (from the credit balance) back. Just that. Transfer the money to my PayPal account (where it should be in the first place because don't yet understand why I was charged twice for two months), and that's it.

Maybe my english is not good enough and I have problems to express myself, but I think this time I have been clear. For any doubts of what I am requesting, send me and email, please.

Thank you very much for you attention and patience, and I hope this issue will be resolved in a few hours/days.

<<<< Ali Cook || Staff 08/10/2012 23:22 Hello,

I understand your loss. Please hold on till this is solved.  # Holy s**t! Is it real? Wait until... what? I DON'T WANT TO BE CLIENT ANY MORE! This means that I don't want to wait until anything, I just want leave!

Giving a refund is impossible since its against our TOS. I believe you can hold on till this is solved# Weeeeeell, OK. I didn't readed this TOS before contracting the VPS and I have to say that is very interesing. I will talk about it in other post.

TICKET 4 (funny one!)

Me || Client 14/10/2012 16:05

I'm sorry. I don't know if you are making me a joke or what. You have sent me an email that starts with: "We are pleased to tell you that the server you ordered has now been set up and is operational." # WHAT DA FU*K! X'D. LOL. I'm talking about LEAVING the company, no contracting new stuff!!!!!

I haven't orderet any server and you give me credentials to a machine that is COMPLETELY empty. Are you kidding me, guys? Any response from the old server (not working, yet), any justification of what went wrong and why I have had a downtime of over one and a half week. I think this is unprofessional and I have seriuos doubts about the way you do bussiness. It looks like you have done a major upgrade on your VPS just deleting the old VPS and giving us, the customers, acces to the new ones. This is not funny.

Ok. So, let's talk about future. I was a unhappy customer with Santrex. Now I'm an angry customer. Thanks for that.

First things first. Your TOS prevents me to get the money that I have in my credit balance in Santrex account. A money that is there because I was charged by you, don't know how, to my PayPal account. Nevermind. This is OK. You don't want to give me the money back? Ok.

I want to cancel the VPS "OpenVZ Starter VPS linux - Starter Linux Germany" (vps87066.santrex.net) and I would like to have the remaining days until 08/11/2012 available in my account for if I want to spend them (and the 10.80$ that are in my account) in the future.

I DO NOT ACCEPT this "new server I have ordered" as a replacement for the old one. This is something YOU have choosen for me, not I. I just want to be clear at this point.

Thanks you very much for you attention.

Note: I'm planning to release all the mails I've sent to support, and the responses, just for letting others users to jutge themselfs what is good or not for them.

<<<< Marshall Green || Staff   14/10/2012 16:58

# Well, standard mail saying: We don't care about you problem, just wait until.... something.

Hello, We're aware of the issue with that particular server, kindly check https://clients.santrex.net/serverstatus.php?view=open That's where we keep updates on our work, upgrades and ongoing maintenance. and AFTER you issue is resolved you can contact our billing department to receive a proper compensation by providing this as a reference ticket. At the moment we're doing our best to restore the access to that server. Kind Regards

EMAIL from Santrex (update)

# After more than one month of downtime I receive this email:

Dear Customer,

We have migrated you with minimum downtime to our new Romania Infrastructure, please use https://vpsadmin.santrex.net to access your SolusVM web panel, we will resend your activation email that will have your SolusVM new user/pass within 24hrs.


Santrex Team