1. Micro-projects

    After some holidays almost disconnected from the computer I come back with a lot of energy.

    I want to start micro-projects projects; it will take in between one to five days each one and can be related to everything I feel like doing.

    Right now I have a few of them in mind:

    • Create a web page with information related to regular expressions. How they work, how to use them, show some good examples, etc...
    • Create a web crawler that will gather stats of 4chan threads such as outgoing links ...

  2. Chown

    Chown is the command for changing the owner (and group) of files.

    The usual way of using it is by specifying the name of the user like:

    $ chown sam music.mp3

    If you also want to set the group for this user you can do it by executing

    $ chown sam:sam music.mp3

    There is another way of doing it is by using a dot '.' but is deprecated, though:

    $ chown sam.sam music.mp3

    The reason why is deprecated is because there are users than can have a dot character ...

  3. New blog

    'New blog' or bye bye Wordpress.

    It has been two years and a half using Wordpress in my personal blog. To be honest it works pretty well, you can install new themes easily, the comment moderation is quite easy and even it updates itself automatically. But from time to time a change is required and now is the turn for the static webpage generator Pelican. Its a quite interesting project if you ask me. You basically write down your posts in a Markup language and it generates a static webpage ...

  4. Things I've learnt

    At CAPSiDE I've learn quite a bit from here and there. Not just system administration, but how to deal with clients, how to do support, understand the needs of the client, give them the best solution for their problems, etc.

    When I started at CAPSiDE I had panic to answering calls from customers. I was nervous about the fact that they could ask me something I should know, or not understanding a thing about what they wanted, missing some important information about their request or even not making the ...

  5. Changes

    It has been a while since the last time I published something in the blog.

    I've done a few changes in my life. First of all and the more important one is that I'm living in Mallorca again. Home, sweet home. I went to Barcelona about two years ago and I've really enjoyed the experience, but I must admit that I'm more of a country guy.

    I've been living with my family and I have my closest friends living in Barcelona so it kinda feeled ...

  6. 42 aufs layers or how to provision docker containers

    I've been playing with docker a little bit now. And while is just playing and I don't have anything production ready, this are my insights on how docker containers should be provisioned/created.

    You can have a single Dockerfile like this one:

    # Based on the Ubuntu image  
    FROM ubuntu  
    # Bootstrap the node  
    RUN apt-get update && aptitude -y safe-upgrade  
    RUN sed -i 's/PermitRootLogin.*/PermitRootLogin yes/'
    # [...]  
    # A lot of other RUN commands  
    # [...]
    RUN cat /proc/mounts > /etc/mtab  
    RUN mkdir -p /root/.ssh  
    ADD ...

  7. Prevent startup execution of initscript on Debian/Ubuntu

    If you have a service/daemon you don't want to be started by default at the startup you probably know that you can use a command like this one to deactivate the service:

    Removing any system startup links for /etc/init.d/apache2 ...  

    The problem, though, will be with when you update your server with a "aptitude update && aptitude -y safe-upgrade ...

  8. About ssh and long long running processes


    In one month you learn nothing new about the tools you are using and in one day you discover a few new awesome things. The first one is about ssh; it may be not very useful but I did not know about it. Since a lot of people has already posted[4][5] about that I'm not going to repeat everything here and link some posts instead. The new feature I did not know about is the scape sequences in SSH. Imagine you do "ssh 10.0.0 ...

  9. Backups

    Because of the new prices of S3 (60% less) I decided to have my backups not just in a hard drive but on the cloud.

    The backup solution should be:

    • Simple to setup and do the recover
    • Be able to do differential backups
    • Be able to do the backups to both the cloud and a HD
    • Be able to encrypt the data

    The last point is because I don't trust my personal data to anybody. My laptop is encrypted, the backups to the HDD are encrypted too. Why on ...

  10. Sublime

    I've bought a license of Sublime Text. I'm not a heavy user but it rocks, and the "buy me" messages were annoying and remmembered me that I was using something for free that should be paying.


    (first time I buy software that runs on my Linux laptop. I'm really happy though)

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