I've always said it! I'm willing to pay for good music. I'm going to say it again: I WANT to pay for the music I listen.

[Regular market]

But what are my options? Buy the CD's of every single one group I listen? No way. First, is something not pragmatic: I don't have the time (well, I'm not willing to spend the time) going to a music store and buy the music I like. I don't have a CD reader either (not even in my laptop). And there is a couse-efect you have not took it into account here: I like the music because I've listened it BEFORE. It comes first LISTEN the music an then BUYING it, not the other way round. I'm not going to buy a 20€ CD if I don't know it is going to worth every penny of it. That's why I don't go to the cinema any more - but that's other history.

Where can I listen music for free until I feel like buying the music? Nowhere, as far as I know. [1]

[Online shops]

But there are music stores online where you can actually buy the music you like!!!

Yep, you are right on this one. But, again, I listen the music first and then I decide "Hey! I like this shit! I would pay for it"!. Just forgetting about that for a second, I could buy music on iTunes, maybe. Or not. Because I have to use iTunes and is an enormous piece of crap: big, slow, and doesn't work under Linux. No. I could buy it in Beatport, for example. Or Amazon mp3.

And that's not bad and it could be a good options, but I have two major problems: even if the songs do not come with DRM I feel that I'm buying a service, not a product. If you buy a product (a CD) you can share it with your friends. If I've pays for it, is mine. But with music and copyright-shitty-rules this don't work like that.

So, I'm buying a service: being able to listen the song as many times I want. The thing is that I can listen every day, how?....6 hours of music? 8? 10? In a week I can listen easily 700 different songs (QUITE easily). If we do simple math we see that is IMPOSSIBLE for me to pay for that much music.

Listen less music and pay for it - Music Industry

What about no? Fuck you Music Industry. The consumers are changing, the market is changing. You cannot sell me a service like if it were a product to this prices! Even if you sell me the songs one by one, it costs too much! Of course I will pirate everything! [gasp] But as I started, I'm willing to pay for the music I listen. Its just that I haven't found something that has a good relation price/service.

[Spotify to the rescue]

A 5€ month subscription for all the music I want to play is an AWESOME deal! If Spotify is able to make money and pay the authors is the perfect deal: I'm paying A SERVICE (a non transferable one) and I'm okay with that because I don't mind "not owning" the songs if I can play it whenever I want. The price is really good. It has compatibility with Linux (I prefer CLI music players but that's another history). I can decide not to pay for the service at any point. If I listen a album so many times that I feel in love with it and I really want to pay for the actual CD I can still do it.

[Happy end]

I'm a nerd, you know. I love CLI stuff. And I love key bindings[2]. And having as much control as I can with my computer and the applications I run. The bad news is that Spotify do not support keybindings :/ You must open the GUI and press space in order to pause the current song. Same for changing the song. The good news are that you can control that kind of actions thru dbus :D and I've created a little python script for control that, and I'm able to set the key bindings I need for my daily life ^_^

And that's way the world is wonderful. That's why I love Linux. Love OpenSourceness[3]. Love scripting/hacking things.

Where is your God now, Windows? [4]

[1] Well, yes. Radio. I listen radio A LOT.

[2] That's why I'm using OpenBox

[3] maybe Spotify is a bad example

[4].....  probably Windows' Spotify Client supports key bindings, BTW.