WoW! Today I've just discovered this webpage: and it's amazing! Please: READ IT! And not just the "don't worry your memory is OK" homepage explanation but the technical one


I was thinking about buying more memory for my laptop (now I have 2GiB+4GiB DDR3 memory). 4GiB memory costs about 24€ (30$) with free shipping in (I have 2 slots of memory so 4+4GiB would be nice ).

Why buy more memory?

  1. Because it's used by the OS for caching data and not touching data from de HDD. More memory means less page faults and less latency.
  2. I don't usually stop my laptop, I just put it in sleep mode. Not because switching on the computer is slow - I have an SSD disk and the OS loads in 22~ seconds- but because I can have all the programs opened and because if I switch off the computer all the data cached by the OS is lost. It's very usually for me to have 10 or 20 days of uptime. Normally I just reboot the system if new kernel is available.
  3. I love my laptop and I want it least 3-4 years more. It's a Lenovo Thinkpad x201. I have a good HDD (Crucial SSD 128GiB) and I cannot upgrade anything else but the RAM. Having my laptop "full equip" means that I'll take the most of it during this 3-4 years.
  4. Now RAM memory is cheap!... but we'll see what's the price of the same memory in 3 years (it will be deprecated and expensive, I gess)
  5. I'll be able to use virtualizaed Windows with VirtualBox without problems (I will need it for the university, I gess). We all know that Microsoft Windows needs a lot of RAM.
  6. Saying that I have a laptop with 8 gigs of RAM memory sounds cool =)

If you know more pages like that, please leave a comment! Thanks!