I'm not posting a lot these days but that's because I'm doing a lot of time consuming things and I don't really have anything to explain. I can talk about what I' doing right now, maybe this can be interesting to somebody.

  • Taking theHTML5 Game Developer course in Udacity. Its an intermediate course and you need a deep background in JavaScript programming. The quizzes and the videos are not the best-explained-things ever, but the course it's really nice and I'm learning a lot of new stuff like use pure JavaScript for writting applications (I've always used it for doing web development, and is not the same), using the Canvas object of HTML5, render images in the canvas creating maps, capturing the events of movement and refreshing the screen properly, etc... this week I'm going to do the pysics engine chapter :D I'm really looking fordward to start it!
  • I've have had 36 installs/downloads in my RaspCTL project and just 25 days after launching!! I'm really happy that all this people have downloaded my project and, hopefully, is using it in a creative way! The feedback has been really really good and I've helped some folks to fix little problems they have had. Really happy that the project is being used! Thank you, guys!!!
  • I'm working on RaspCTL DynamicDNS. The project is meant to provide DynamicDNS service for the Raspberry Pi community, the project itself is already done, and I'm just documenting everything and enusring that everything is clear and the newbies will understant how it works and how to use it. It's very simple, though. Update: launched!
  • Studing the CISCO CCNA certification, the subnetting part that I've I always liked less than other parts, and this time I'm having a good time reading it and doing the exercicies.
  • Going to my english classes, I really need to improve my english level!
  • A week ago I did an interview for a job offer in New York, USA via skype. The thing is that they weren't really looking for people to work in NY (the job offer said it was a requirement, though) but they were looking for support people, in a different timezones than the North American Eastern Time Zone. The interview went really well but was a pitty that the job that they offered me was not in USA. But it was a really good expirience, tough.
  • Discovering new restaurants in Barcelona. I STRONGLY recommend to go to Marmalade Barcelona and it one of their awesome hamburguers and nachos, and then take a gin tonic in the bar they have. Really good music, good service, mind-blowing food, reasonable prices and a nice place to have dinner. The place is huge and well decorated but the restaurant don't have a lot of tables, so its not a bad idea to make a reservation before going there. If you go there, please leave a comment here and share you expirience =D

And more or less this is it! Take care!