I have a new job. As always, I've done absolutely nothing to get it; a friend of mine is working at a company that needed to fill vacant. I'm always open to do job interviews so I went there. 4 days later I'm in a office really looking forward to give new ideas and learn new stuff. I love this feeling.

The job is not sysadmin anymore but programming (webpages for hotels - we have quite a few here in Mallorca). Small team, nice people, awesome working hours, near to my home, no rushes and pressure because the nature of the work and a lot of things to improve.

And I'll have time to work in my projects in their office, which is really nice because its easier to focus here.

Aside from that, read this thread; I really enjoyed it. It starts with:

I'm 59, programming for 42 years, the last 35 professionally. [...]

I've always been very busy. I don't have a resume. I'm not on LinkedIn. If I ever ran low on work, it would probably take me a day or two and a few phone calls to find something.

I don't work on anything unless I find it incredibly compelling.

@_@ I think is priceless. I love this guy.