[Note to myself: Any time I think about buying an Apple product, PLEASE JAN OF THE FUTURE, read this post again].


About 5 years ago, the bank make a present to our family: a brand new iTouch. It was a Second Generation iTouch of 16GB. I was really excited about it. I've always have had iPods (about two or three), but that was an amazing toy.

I used the original Operating System the first two years, an then I jailbreaked it for being able to install a console application, and a few games.

I haven't use it in the last year but now I wanted this toy to be useful again, being able to control my Raspberry Pi with RaspCTL. The device is ideal because it could became the perfect Raspberry Pi remote control, ever.

[Updating the system and everything]

I've used Safari for browsing RaspCTL and for some odd reason the CSS don't load. OK, I must use a very old version of the OS and I should upgrade to the lastest version.

I've installed iTunes (in a virtual machine with Windows) and clicked the Restore you iTouch. "Warning! All the data will be lost and blablabla". Yeees yeees, I know Apple. I'm OK with that because I really want to upgrade the system, so this is a side effect.


After having a new wiped iTouch, the first thing I test is the RaspCTL webpage.... and still doesn't works. Crap. I try to open the web of Bootstrap project. And the browser closes itself!! WTF!? OK. It looks like I need another more powerful browser. In the App Store I search for Chrome. You need the IOS 5.0 version. Crap. I search by "browser" and try to install the first tree element on the top of the list. IOS 4.3 is required. Fuck. OK, what about installing a program for controlling MPD service and I'll not be able to access to RaspCTL but I'll be able to control the music/radio. MPoD looks great buuuuut... 4.3 version required. Double motherfucking fuck. At this point, it seems like I'll not be able to install ANY application at all. I have the IOS 2.2.1 and I cannot install ANY application. I've tried to use iTunes. After some searching the program has hang up and it has closed itself :/ . This is starting to bore me.


Great. I have a device that 5 years ago cost about the same as cost today (300$) and now is functional (not broken) but useless. For the only thing I can use it is for listening music, because even seeing video is not an options since a 5 year old battery cannot reproduce 1 hour of video without recharging.

[Now, what?]

I have a expensive device. With a big screen. With touch. A lot of storage capacity. And it's completely useless. And not because the hardware is outdated and is not working, but because I cannot run the programs I would like to. What a shame. It would be the perfect remote control for my projects. It has WiFi, a battery... I could be awesome. But you know what? The best thing I can do with it is put it on the drawer again and tell to myself that I'll not buy toys to companies that, for some reason or the other, make your product obsolete and useless after sometime even if the product itself is still working.