Ummm.... I've had some downtime in my page due unspecified problems with my Santrex VPS. Sorry about that but it was not my fault.

I've sent some mails to Santrex support team and they answered in a few hours. The first solution they give me was reboorting the VPS (I already did it) and I still have problems. Basically the main problem is that I cannot connect to the VPS via SSH and I don't have even ping. I think it's a connectivity problem but I'm not really sure or course. All the logs in the machine are OK. And anything is misbehaving.

I did the test of stopping all my services en the VPS (mysqld and cherokee) and wait a few hours just for checking if the machine was racheable or no, and it wasn't. This proves that is not a problem with my configuration or the services I'm running.

I'm waiting for an answer from the tech team. Sorry if the page is down again.

I've learned two things:

  • If your VPS is down you get VERY nervous. (I don't know exactly how it will be working in a VPS support center with a lot of people panicking and shouting to you. I didn't, but I'm not running a real bussines and losing money)
  • Backup my data. You always forget about that and miss it when you need it (nothing lost.....yet) :)

Edit: This is the end of the story.