Well, I've added new stuff toRaspCTLa web that allows you to control and monitor some stuff from you Raspberry Pi.

This time I was interested in include support for start/stop/reload/restart/stat all the daemons under /etc/init.d/*. It's always useful to be able to restart Apache or the stop the pdns service from a web interface. So, again, I'll post some images that auto-explain the job done:

The fist capture shows a list of the running processes on the RaspCTL. As you can see we have a button for doing the main actions (maybe not supported in all the daemons, though). You can tag some of the services as "favorites" and automatically a "/etc/init.d/{service} status" will be done every time you access this page. You will be able to filter by all you favorites daemons, too.


Here, we can see the daemons filtered by "favorites". This will give you the information most important for you. Keep in mind that add/remove one daemon from favorites is just one click away. As you can see, there is a Search box at the top, where we can filter by a name of a service (not used in this capture).

RaspCTL Services
favoritesIn the third image we have used the filter "apa" and you can see a beautiful highlight on the results (pretty dammn easy with JS). We have executed some actions and the responses of the actions are displayed in the Status field.

RaspCTL Services one

And this is it. Remember that the repository of this project is in bitbucket. If there is anybody interested in the project I'll improve the documentation. Feel free to contact with me if you are trying to install/using it and you have problems ;)

Update: New website of the project and a debian package available ready for install.

Update2: You can also be interested in RaspCTL DynamicDNS service.