I'm glad to anounce that, after a week an a half of hard work, I have a debian repository up and running with a single debian package ready to install: the RaspCTL project, for your Raspberry Pi.

I realized that the project was not easy to install by the people who is starting in the GNU/Linux world, and creating a debian file and repository is something that I wanted to do some time ago. Now install RaspCTL is easy as pee.

And we have a beautiful webpage for the project, too! There you can find what the project is, how to install it, see the screenshots and everything.

I have been working hard for having everything as soon as possible and now that everything seems to be running, I can spend more time adding new things to the project. If you have ideas, let me know.

New stuff RaspCTL I'll do the next month:

  • Alarm system: The idea is to be able to program an alarm that will play a song at the given time. I love waking up in the morning with music.
  • Music Player: I'm planning to create a Web User Interface for MOCP player. The idea is to be able to play your songs/radio with your Raspberry Pi, using just your broswer.

Stay tuned!

Update: RaspCTL announce

Update2: You can also be interesed in RaspCTL DynamicDNS Service.