I'm glad to say that RaspCTL DynamicDNS service is almost ready!!! :D

RaspCTL project will have a "child", a service that is called RaspCTL DynamicDNS service. If you don't know what a DynamicDNS service is, I'll try to explain it to you briefly: in the Internet we share things using domain names such as google.com or www.facebook.com. If you write some of this domains in your browser and press enter, you will make a request to the servers of one of this companies and you will receive a response from them: images, audio, web pages, video.... whatever!

With your brand new Raspberry Pi, you maybe want to share your projects with the Internet. Maybe you want to configure your own web server, or FTP server, or just have a SSH and be able to connect to your Raspberry Pi when your are in the office. The options are unlimited. But you will face two main problems:

  1. You need a domain name
  2. You have a DynamicIP at home

But we will solve them for you! With RaspCTL DynamicDNS service we will give you a free domain name like beautifulkittens.raspctl.com and we will detect if the IP from your home as changed or not, and will update the DNS record (hence the Dynamic before DNS ¬¬). Out there are a lot of DynamicDNS services but this one, like RaspCTL, is focused on the Raspberry Pi community. It's easy as pee to set up, you will only need 10 minutes of your time for setting it up. I'm finishing writing all the documentation of the project, and I'm doing my best for teaching all of you that don't know anything about IP, DNS, domains, etc... And, of course, everything for free as in beer =)

Hopefully at the end of the week I'll release the Beta version! You will love it, I promise.

Well. And I've made some screenshots, as always, because I know your guys eat by what you see, not what you read ;)

Stay tuned!! Jan.





Update: The launch of RaspCTL DynamicDNS service!!!.