Well well. I don't know if you tried to access to my page last week but it has been down the last 8 days.

Why? I don't know the causes and I didn't received any email from my hosting provider, Santrex.

First I thougth that the VPS needed a reboot but the access to the maintenance backoffice was unreachable, too. Jumm... I went to the Santrex Backoffice and I readed the follow:

We're experiencing a downtime in DE and NL, we're working as hard as possible to resolve the downtime, more updates will be posted here.

Once this issue is fully resolved, we will be able to add the compensation and mass email our users, there is no need to open new tickets for compensation

15-08-2012 Due to a major incident in NL and DE regarding abuse that has taken place on both locations, the ports been switched off until the investigation is fully completed, this should take no later than one week from the date of this update, we're hoping this will take less, we'll go online once the authorities allows us online again, please be aware that data is intact and safe, it's only a matter of time, we do fully apologize for the downtime and the issues caused by that, we can't do much at this stage, we'll keep you updated in this section, no need to open new tickets, we don't have answers until we go live.

21-08-2012 We are due to go live anytime today, please expect an email from us to compensate you for the downtime caused.

21-08-2012 NL is now fully online, DE is in process of going live.

8 days after that, I have my VPS back :/ I don't know what happened with my VPS and why I was private to access to a service I've paid. They say they will "compensate" me for the "downtime". How? Returning some of my money back? What about the page rank, I being unable to use my own services, etc..?

I'll not complain a lot because I understand that I'm just paying 9$ a month and I cannot receive a good support or a replacement of datacenter for this amount of money. But well, if you are thinking in buying the cheapest VPS ever (in Santrex or in other company) I warn you can have this kind of problems.

Edit: This is the end of the story.