After 5 months (from 11/05/2012 to 25/10/2012) I want to say: I'm not happy with Santrex VPS.

I've already posted other information about Santrex VPS befeore. I had the "Starter Linux Germany OpenVZ", costing 10.8$ each month, with a public IP (, and a monthly billing cycle.

I'm not happy with them for various reasons, but basically the problem has been the downtime:

  • Few months after purchase the VPS I started with the downtime problems. First, my VPS was down for no reason (I mean, switched off. No ping, no ssh, no nothing). After every hard reset the machine worked fine for a few hours and died again. Santrex team said "they will check deeper" but never get an answer of what was failing.
  • Downtime again. But now more than the last time. A week or so. Didn't remember the problem they had.
  • Then they started to bill me twice every month. We had some problem with the paypal subscription and they were sending me two bills for the same service every month. The second month I noticed that and I being charged twice and I sent and email and they said "don't worry, overpayments have already been added to your credit balance.". But what if I want to get the money back? Well, at that moment didn't really mattered to me and i said "it's ok this way".
  • And, well, downtime again. 10 days this time.

And I'm sick of it. I have a small blog on my VPS (this blog), some repos, and I use it eventually as VPN (with SSH tunneling) when I'm connecting to the Internet from a untrusted place like the university or a free access point.

I don't care if I have a few ours of downtime every 3 months. I don't like it, but well... it's OK. I'm not going to kill anybody.

But in the last two months I have had more than 17 days of downtime and I don't like it. The support is not very good and they not always try to solve your problem but give you an answer for something you haven't asked.

So, that's why I'm (still) leaving from Santrex and moving to Prgmr. I'm very happy with Prgmr now. The VPS is very nice and the only downside is the latency between my laptop and the VPS (200ms. Barcelona, Spain to San Jose, California is a big jump). Of course is something I knew before buying the VPS and I can live with it.

About Santrex: I don't recommend them. Maybe I've been unlucky with them and I suffered a lot of downtime, but the support they given to me has not been very professional, in my opinion, and the VPS had problems (everything explained in the blog). I'll not say "stay away from Santrex" I'll say: be careful with them and choose other VPS provider if you can.

Take care. Jan.

By the way. I want to leave a list of the problems I have had with Santrex and this way you can judge yourself (oldest post first):