Today I was sitting peacefully in the loo with my laptop, reading the mail (BEST-PLACE-EVER I tell you!), when my mother has told me something like "Jaaaan, you have a call from San Diego. A guys that want to fix I-don't-know-what from your computer".

Highly surprised I've answered the call and a agent called Marc Realies, from Windows Technical support has received a report from MY WINDOWS COMPUTER (is a Linux, by the way...) telling that I had some viruses and shit that should be fixed.

It was an scam, of course.

I've "followed" the steps they where telling me to do, like pressing WindowsKey+R, run the program "eventvwr" and give them some information. I was repeating everything he was saying and pretend to be doing what he was asking me to do. Of course, I wasn't doing anything on my Linux computer. After a while, I've changed my "dump voice" into more serious one saying something: "OK, look, I'm a computer engineer and I know you guys are scammers. I don't have any Windows machine at home. I'll immediately file a complaint to the police, giving your information and the telephone number you are calling from. I want to let you know that this call has been recorded". The funny thing has been when he has told me: "Sorry, man. You are following the steps because you want to, not because we are forcing you to do it. And I don't want to talk you any more {Click}"

:D Funny story. I don't know why they are calling to Barcelona, Spain numbers because as far as I know, people here in Spain don't speak fluent English....

Anyway! Here you can find more links about this kind of scam. Be warned, and warn all you relatives or friends because this can happen to them.

Take care!!