1. Lecture 2 - "Ideas, Products, Teams and Execution Part II"

    In this second part of the lecture Sam Altman focuses on Teams and Execution.


    Before addressing how to create a team and hire people, he focuses on cofounders and how important is expend time on finding the right persons. It must be somebody you know and you trust and not somebody random that you meet that was willing to start a company as you and you both decided to do it together. That is advocate to doomed to failure.

    If you don't know anybody you still can go ...

  2. Lecture 1.2 - "Why to start a startup"

    This is the continuation of the first lecture of YCombinator. There is Dustin Moskovitz that talks about the WHY you should create an startup.

    Common reasons

    There are different common reasons why somebody wants to create an startup:

    It is glamurous: It is not. Entrepreneurship has been romanticized. In fact, is hard work. A lot of hours a day, focused on solving problems, doing sales, fixing bugs, etc. Starting a company is extremely hard and one of the reasons is because you accumulate stress: fear to fail, press, bad opinions ...

  3. Lecture 1 - "Ideas, Products, Teams and Execution Part I"

    This is the first of a series of posts about the YCombinator lectures about how to create a startup. I'm following them and found them very interesting. Hope You like it too.

    The first lesson of YCombinator is called "Welcome, and Ideas, Products, Teams and Execution Part I" given by Sam Altman the President of Y Combinator. Here is the annotated transcript

    Sam explains whats is the goal of the course: "the goal is hyper growth and eventually building a very large company". By "very large company" he means ...

  4. Micro-projects

    After some holidays almost disconnected from the computer I come back with a lot of energy.

    I want to start micro-projects projects; it will take in between one to five days each one and can be related to everything I feel like doing.

    Right now I have a few of them in mind:

    • Create a web page with information related to regular expressions. How they work, how to use them, show some good examples, etc...
    • Create a web crawler that will gather stats of 4chan threads such as outgoing links ...

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