1. I've lost my pay-for-music virginity!

    I've always said it! I'm willing to pay for good music. I'm going to say it again: I WANT to pay for the music I listen.

    [Regular market]

    But what are my options? Buy the CD's of every single one group I listen? No way. First, is something not pragmatic: I don't have the time (well, I'm not willing to spend the time) going to a music store and buy the music I like. I don't have a CD reader either (not even ...

  2. Locking yourself in a cryptographic implementation

    Today I've spend a few hours trying to finding out a good system for storing my passwords and sensible information securely. Of course all the strong passwords are only in my mind, but I have a lot users/passwords of non important pages that I cannot remember. Until today I were storing all this sensible information in a file. Plaint text. And that's a bad idea. Reeeeeally bad idea.

    After doing some tests I've come up with something I don't like it at all. If you ...

  3. Santrex Downtime

    Well well. I don't know if you tried to access to my page last week but it has been down the last 8 days.

    Why? I don't know the causes and I didn't received any email from my hosting provider, Santrex.

    First I thougth that the VPS needed a reboot but the access to the maintenance backoffice was unreachable, too. Jumm... I went to the Santrex Backoffice and I readed the follow:

    We're experiencing a downtime in DE and NL, we're working as hard as ...

  4. Learning a lot just by doing a Small Project

    I'm working in a project called Gaab Web Chat, and I want to share my expiriences.

    First of all I want to say that I'm doing it for fun. Is not for satisfying a need or doing a job that somone has ask me to do.

    Working in a small project is a way of learning tons of new things. For example, we can review the tools/programming languages I'm using in my project:

    • An editor, of course. You have to configure and feel confortable with it ...

  5. Work as a programmer in England

    I've been in England just two weeks now ( the command "uptime" says exactly 14 days :). And I'll stay two weeks more. A few days ago I just thought: How should be working here as a programmer?

    And I'm still surprised.

    I mean, in Spain you normally start earning in between 15.000€ and 18.000€ a year (ok, ok! there is people that is earning 12.000€/year). The average is 26.700€/year, but you will need 5-8 years to get there. If you are a ...

  6. First post

    Hi fellas. This is my first post in this blog, but not my first post at all. I've been blogging more or less 3 years in inedit00 blogspot blog, a Spanish blog about computers, system administration, bash, Linux in general, security, etc. In this tree years I've writed 126 entries (wow, 2 more and it will be 2^7 entries) and I'm satisfied with what I've achieved.

    That blog for me was like a diary, where I post the things I found interesting, and without the ...

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