In mid October I contracted a Prgmr VPS and I'm reaaaally happy with them. Why? Because I don't have anything bad to say. And when you haven't had any problem with you VPS you are happy with your VPS provider. It is kind of weird  to write a post saying "I'm happy with my VPS because everything is OK", but I feel like I have to.

No network issues. No downtime. I mean, literally. I started the VPS the first day and now I have a beautiful 125 days of uptime (aka the 100% of the time). The CPU performance and network transfer are really good.... well, I don't really know what to say because everything works fine. I'll just say, thanks Prgmr. I'm really happy with you.

The only thing I see is that now is not as cheap as it was 4 months ago. It's still cheap, but in 4/6 months the VPS market changes a lot, and there are new services out there that offer you twice what I'm getting here for half the price[1]. This is normal because the RAM is getting cheaper every day... in 6 months the SSD have lowered the prices a lot.... the new data cenders maybe have access to a cheaper networks data transfers...

But you know what? I'm probably not going to do the change my VPS provider. Why? Because we usually are driven by "pay less, get more". But I think this philosophy is really bad and is killing us, both customers and good companies. I'm really happy customer with Prgmr, and the way of saying "thanks" can be staying with them 6 months more, even knowing that I have better[1] services out there.

I would recommend Prgmr? Yep, absolutely.

So, again, thanks Prgmr.

[1] Well, maybe the tech specs are, but the support team can be crappy or you can have downtime every now and then... who knows?