How do I update my system clock? I aways forget the command I have to lauch for having my system clock updated. I don't want to configure the ntp daemon or activate automatic time updates. I just want to launch a command and sync my system time with a Time Server [1]. So, lets do it!

You first have to select a ntp server near to you. Go to webpage and choose the country you are living in. Then, choose a server and execute this command:

sudo ntpdate

29 Mar 17:33:25 ntpdate[4317]: step time server offset
2.770018 sec

I had a difference of two seconds between the Real Hour and my system hour. If I execute the command again you will see that now the difference is negligible:

sudo ntpdate

29 Mar 17:33:40 ntpdate[4327]: adjust time server offset
0.000176 sec

Hope it has been helpful! Take care.

[1] In this post you'll find all the instructionson how to create a ntp server, though.