[The comments]

I don't know you, but the comments in YouTube are the most broken thing ever! It doesn't follow a logical order. Are just comments alone, without context that, maybe, is answering the comment of other person but you have to click on "Show the comment" to see the response. And some times you will see that the "parent comment" has been tagged as SPAM due many down votes! You can click on "show" link for being able to actually see the content of the comment. And this comment can be the answer to other comment, and you start all over the again. Crazy. Do you want to waist time? Try to read the comments on YouTube.

Sometimes you can see a TopComment that says "LOL omg" and has the "Show the (parent) comment). If you click on that an alert is displayed saying: "The comment no longer exists." WHAT THE FUUUCK?!

Of course, there is no option to organize the comments in a thread mode. You can read the "Top Comments" but you cannot read the answers to that comments. Sometimes this comments are answers to OTHER comments and that's why they are in the Top Comments section. But you have to figure this out by yourself. Very annoying.

[Video Quality]

For God sake! Youtube have MOST of the traffic of the Internet. Yep, I know, it's for sharing videos and they do it very well. But every time I open a video I have to manually change it to 720p. My laptop don't really like the 1080p and I prefer to play it in 720p. Eeeeevery time I have to click in a icon that looks like a part of an engine and, in my opinion doesn't have to do with anything related to the quality of the video, and change it. Why I cannot setup a preference where all my videos are played at 720p if possible? I don't know.


As I've said, YouTube is good for WATCHING VIDEOS. Why the hell I have to DEACTIVATE the Annotations EVERY FUCKING TIME I play a video? I want to see the video, and no annoying messages ON it advertising other videos or whatever. It's like spam, to me. It's something that I haven't  requested and I don't want. I would be happy to have a place where I could configure my opt-out/opt-in in annotations. It this that hard?

Hell. I don't feel better now, after all this hating. I have to say it, though.