This is the continuation of the first lecture of YCombinator. There is Dustin Moskovitz that talks about the WHY you should create an startup.

Common reasons

There are different common reasons why somebody wants to create an startup:

It is glamurous: It is not. Entrepreneurship has been romanticized. In fact, is hard work. A lot of hours a day, focused on solving problems, doing sales, fixing bugs, etc. Starting a company is extremely hard and one of the reasons is because you accumulate stress: fear to fail, press, bad opinions, responsability.

Being your own boss: The thing is that everybody is your boss. Your clients, media, parnerts, users, employees... you have to report to everybody, resolve conflicts and deal with difficult situations where you have to try to disappoint the least.

You will have your own schedule: In fact, its just the opposite. You are always on call. You are a role model of a company and this is super important because everybody will take example on your behaviour and if you are not in the office in working hours people will tend to relax.

You'll make more money or impact: He is commenting that getting into an already running startup that will become huge in the next years can be as profitable than creating your own startup that does well. Is like saying "there are easier ways of getting rich", don't start a startup just for the money. And about making impact is seems like in a big companies you can also make big impact if you are in the innovation of the company. He puts as example Google Maps or the chat of Gmail, that started as a side project.

What is the best reason?

"You're super passionate about this idea, you're the right person to do it, you've gotta make it happen [..] and the world needs you to do it.". Thats the summary of all the ideas but it seems to me that basically what they are saying is that all planets must be aligned for you to do it.

Thats the end of the first lecture of YCombinator.

Stay tuned!