I've been in England just two weeks now ( the command "uptime" says exactly 14 days :). And I'll stay two weeks more. A few days ago I just thought: How should be working here as a programmer?

And I'm still surprised.

I mean, in Spain you normally start earning in between 15.000€ and 18.000€ a year (ok, ok! there is people that is earning 12.000€/year). The average is 26.700€/year, but you will need 5-8 years to get there. If you are a very good programer ~~(or you just know how to create static webpages with Dreamweaver but are friend for a $Boss of an important company)~~ you can end up eraning more than that. But it's not the usual. There is a big difference between the average in the important cities, such as Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao or Valencia, where the average is arround 27.000€ and 30.000€ and the rest of Spain where the average is arround 21.000-23.000€/year.

Well.... and what about England?

I've found this article[1] that basically says:

  • Type of work: Programmer
  • Location: London
  • Average salary: 56.400€/year
  • 90% of jobs offered a salary of more than: 40.200€/year
  • 10% of jobs offered a salary of more than: 78.000€/year

WoW!!!! Amazing!!! The average salary is twice the Spanish one! I know that London is very expensive (house, transport, food) but the UK average salary excluding London is about 42.000€/year. And Barcelona or Madrid are not cheap.

Ok, all this numbers and now what?

Now nothing. I just wanted to let you know. I won't look for a job. I want to study Computing Science in Barcelona. But after that I think I'll come here, in the UK, and find a job!

[1] http://www.itjobswatch.co.uk/jobs/london/programmer.do I've converted the £ to € (just multiplying the pounds by 1.2)